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10th November 2021

Extra £4.7 billion school funding announced

Budget review for schools 2021

The treasury has now released the latest funding plans for schools, with £4.7 billion allocated to the core school budget in England.  The treasury stated that this would be equivelent to a cash increase of over £1,500 per pupil by 2024-25 compared to 2019-20, with billions of pounds of extra funding going to schools.

School budgets will increase from £49.8 billion this year to £56.8 billion in 2024-25 and there’s also an additional £1.8 billion allocated for education recovery. This is on top of the £3.1 billiuon already announced previously. This new commitment includes a £1 billion “recovery premium” for the next two academic years “to help schools to deliver evidence-based approaches to support the most disadvantaged pupils”.

The spending review includes £2.6 billion over the next three years to create school places for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. This amounts to a tripling of current capital funding levels to over £900 million a year by 2024-25, the Treasury states.

You can read all about the 2021 spending review here.