Level 2 Teaching Assistant Award Course

31st January 2024

Reasons To Become a Teaching Assistant

Reasons To Become a Teaching Assistant

Let’s talk about what a teaching assistant is, shall we? A teaching assistant plays a supportive role in the classroom, working closely under a teacher’s guidance. Their main job? To lend a helping hand with the lessons being taught. This could mean working one-on-one with students or with small groups to give that extra bit of attention and assistance.


But that’s not all – they also play a crucial role in helping teachers with various tasks. This includes marking assignments, keeping track of attendance, distributing and collecting materials, and even getting lessons ready. In short, they’re an invaluable asset in making the classroom a more effective and supportive learning environment!


It’s quite common these days to find more than one educator in classrooms up and down the country. A teaching assistant is a fantastic resource in a bustling classroom. They offer extra support to students who need a bit of additional help while the teacher is busy with lessons or attending to other pupils. If you’re curious about this role, understanding the motivations behind choosing this path could be really enlightening in figuring out if it’s the right fit for you.

How to become a qualified teaching assistant

In this piece, we’ll explore what a teaching assistant is, delve into compelling reasons to consider becoming one, and share some helpful tips on how to embark on this rewarding journey.


As a teaching assistant, you have the wonderful opportunity to support students in so many ways. A key part of your role involves working with those who need a bit of extra help. This gives you the chance to build meaningful relationships with your students and come up with creative ways to help them grasp concepts that might have been tricky at first.


These individual connections you form can be quite special. Students might start to trust you enough to share any challenges they’re facing, be it at home or with friends. Your unique role in the classroom means you can offer a listening ear and guidance, helping them feel valued and safe in sharing topics that matter to them. Isn’t it amazing how much impact you can have in their lives?


Being a teaching assistant is a journey filled with variety each day. While your working hours are consistent, the experiences within the classroom are wonderfully diverse. Some days, everything sails smoothly with engaging lessons and students thriving in their learning. On other days, you might find yourself planning lessons or working closely with small groups, guiding them as they master new skills. No matter what, every day brings its own unique mix of situations, joyous celebrations, and fun moments for both you and your students to enjoy. Isn’t it exciting to have such a varied role?


One of the lovely perks of being a teaching assistant is the work schedule – it’s very family-friendly! Since you work regular teacher hours, you get plenty of time for family and other commitments, especially during holidays and weekends. Think about it: extensive vacation days, including about two months in the summer, and usually a week each for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus, you get the same public holidays off as the students, which is super convenient if you’ve got children of your own. And the best part? Planning holidays becomes so much easier when you don’t have to worry about requesting time off work. It’s a schedule that really lets you balance work and personal life beautifully!


Friendly tips to help you on your way to becoming a teaching assistant

Spruce Up Your Resume Give your CV a little update to showcase the skills needed for a teaching assistant role. Have a look at some job adverts, see what skills they’re after, and if you’ve got them, make sure they’re highlighted in your resume. This not only shows you’re a great fit but also helps your resume stand out, especially as some schools use applicant tracking systems that pick up on specific keywords. If you’d like some help crafting your CV, take a look at our Interview Skills and CV Writing Course.

Course Entry Requirements

Gather Letters of Recommendation These are like gold dust! They’re personal testimonials from colleagues or supervisors vouching for your dedication and suitability for the role. Think about who knows your professional skills best and ask them to write you a recommendation. It’s a good idea to give them a few pointers on what to include, like how they know you, why they think you’re great for the role, and any specific examples they can share.


Stay Proactive Post-Application Once you’ve sent off your application, why not drop a polite email to the principal, assistant principal, or their secretary? Let them know you’ve applied, you’re eager to hear back, and you’re available should they need more information from you. This shows you’re really keen and proactive – qualities any school would value!

Best of luck in your journey to becoming a teaching assistant – it’s a rewarding and impactful role!