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What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning

With distance education and our flexible study options, you can study at your own pace. You can study in the comfort of your own home and do as many subjects that suit you. With our flexible timetable, our courses offer students the opportunity to slow or fast-track their course.

We have designed our course so that your study is not designed to monopolise your time. We recognise that our students have social lives, families, other commitments, which is why we provide education that is accessible, whatever your lifestyle.

As with all types of learning, home study must be relevant for each learner, memorable otherwise it is pointless and motivational; the learner has to want to learn, the tutor cannot do this for them.

What can I expect from my course ?

When your enrolment has been completed, the College will provide you with all the required materials in order for you to complete your qualification. In addition to your course materials you will also be assigned your own personal tutor. Your tutor will be on hand to support you throughout your learning and they’ll always be happy to answer any questions you may have with your course work.

Will I need a computer ?

We like to keep your course flexible so it’s up to you if you would like to use a computer. We provide all your materials in book form which is the easiest and best method to learn by.  There is no need to have a steady internet connection in order to connect with our services. You will not need your computer device or internet connection to be able to access our course materials.

For each of your assignments you will be required to research your course handbooks and find the relevant information required in order to complete your portfolio. Upon completion of your assignments you will be required to submit all work direct to our assessment/moderation team, again full feedback will be given for each piece of work.

The study materials we provide are of the highest quality

Assessment and exams

In order to complete your course you will be required to submit completed assignments. The assignments are a way of demonstrating your understanding for each unit completed as you work through your course. As all of our courses are on the RQF framework there are no exams – they’re all assignment based programmes.

Excellence in distance learning

We use a variety of presentation formats to engage the learner. We match the content to the most appropriate presentation types and develop our courses within a sound instructional framework.

Why you should consider us

Here are just a few reasons why we think you should consider De Montfort College to deliver your course information:

  • icon-cost-effectiveCost-effective There is no travel time, no trainers to pay, no rooms to hire and administration can be completely automated.
  • icon-consistentConsistent No trickling down of information. Everyone gets the same messages. Everywhere. Consistently.
  • icon-engagingEngaging It appeals to all learning styles. It uses a mix of media and a range of interactive tasks to help the user remember what they’ve learnt. And for longer.
  • icon-organicOrganic It is easy to update. You can keep the information you want to deliver accurate and current. It can grow with you.
  • icon-releventRelevant It can be tailor-made for you. It can meet your aims and needs and not someone else’s.
  • icon-supportSupportive It tells you where you’re going and how you’re doing. It inspires confidence.
  • icon-timeTime saving You can deliver information quickly. Users spend less time away from productive work. Users can choose when to access the learning, so they can manage their time more efficiently.
  • icon-confidenceVersatile Learners can focus on their own needs at their own pace, at any time and in almost any place. You can choose how you want to inform. In bite-sized chunks.



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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

  • Start any time of year
  • Variety of courses
  • Simple secure enrolment
  • No hidden costs
  • Complete career support
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